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Ingebrigt Vik Museum

Experience the beautiful sculptures of local artist; Ingebrigt Vik. The museum is located in the heart of Øystese right next to The Art Centre Kabuso and Øystese Church. 

The museum houses the most central works of the sculptor Ingebrigt Vik and is surrounded by a beautiful sculpture park, overlooking the Hardangerfjord.

The building was completed in year 1934 and is one of few museums of it's kind in Norway. The museum is open to visitors all year round.

Contact the reception at Kabuso for entry and tickets to the museum.
Opening hours in Ingebrigt Vik Museum follow Kabuso and there is one joint ticket for the exhibitions in the two institutions.

Ingebrigt Vik (1867 - 1927)

The sculptor Ingebrigt Vik grew up in Øystese in Hardanger, where he also lived for the last ten years of his life. He is one of the foremost sculptors in Norwegian art history.

During 15 active years, he produced about 150 different works. The work "Old Wife" and "The Youth" has been purchased by the National Gallery. Ingebrigt Vik is also the man who had the honor of making the monument of Edvard Grieg, which today is displayed in several different places in Bergen. 


Welcome to Ingebrigt Vik Museum!

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