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Kristin Lindberg - Embroidered pixels

Between June 7th - September 30th, 2018 Kabuso presents: «Broderte Pikslar» (Embroidered pixels) by Kristin Lindberg. The artwork consists of 26 hand-embroidered squares, 40 cm x 40 cm, and is mounted in the foyer.

The textiles are embroidered in cooperation with a group of women in Sri Lanka. Lindberg has since 2014 been working together with the women on the production of some of her large, embroidered artwork. Lindberg discovered early that they shared the same embroidery technique. What we know from the Norwegian tradition, Selburosa, is also part of the custom at Sri Lanka. There the design is called eight-leaf lotus and is part of traditional patterns. For Lindberg, this collaboration has become very rewarding, for as she say: I get to work with art and at the same time pay ten women who can feed their family.

In the installation «Embroidered Pixels», Lindberg seeks to minimize the means to a few types of stitches, embroidered on three different coloured textiles. The different layers of colour shine through the dense embroidered surface, which adds to the monochrome surfaces subtle plays of colour. The fact that various people embroider the squares also gives them manifold appearance, with surprisingly large variations.

Lindberg was born in 1950 in Oslo, and graduated from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts in 1973. She works mainly with textile but also with various techniques like photo and installation, and has been characterized as a renewer of the Norwegian «Åkle» tradition.

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