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Hardanger Skyspace light sequences: Wedn/Fri/Sundays in September 2017 

Hardanger Skyspace, Hardangerfjordvegen 619, Øystese

04.08.2017 00:00 to 30.08.2017 00:00

Hardanger Skyspace offers magical experiences! This August you can join in and see the light sequences at sunset  every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.


About Hardanger Skyspace:
The lightinstallation has an octagonal shape inspired by the small but wonderful sculpture museum that houses the works of Ingebrigt Vik. It is also characterised by the grey colour of Hardanger slate. Turrell anchors his art works in local traditions, building methods and art forms. Hardanger Skyspace's elliptical shape reflects the long fjord.

Hardanger Skyspace Landskap 01 Foto Helge Skodvin

Coming out from the art installation, you face the Folgefonna glacier and the Hardanger fjord. During sunrise and sunset, thousands of LED lights are activated inside Skyspace, where you are seated on warmed benches and gaze through the elliptical opening in the ceiling. Such apertures are found in all of Turell's Skyspace installations. You see a segment of the sky and are subject to the weather conditions, be it snow or rain. It could be a starlit night, cloudy or winter dark.

In the twilight hours, you are bathed in light of changing colours. It is an immaterial artistic expression where you don't experience a thing or an object. Light is all. Even if you close your eyes, you will sense the shifting colours. There is a quiet rhythm to it that might put you in a contemplative and meditative mood.

James Turrell Florian Holzherr