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Past Exhibitions 


Felieke Van Der Leest Think Sustainable Kabuso Øystese 13

Felieke van der Leest

Felieke creates eye-catching jewelry composed of nobel metal, tread, plastic animals and textile techniques. Each jewlery has its own story and can be seen as sharp observations

Mnt14 Untitled 2011 D

23.09-17.12: Maria Nepomuceno - Afetosyntesis

Using coloured rope and beads, Brazilian artist Maria Nepomuceno (b. 1976) creates organic sculptures that spread outwards and fill the room. Her large, often spiral-shaped works

Kabuso Gustav Metzger 1083B Web

Gustav Metzger - the Table Series

Paintings, drawings and installations by a pioneer of activist art (1926-2017)

2017 - Bysheim

Where have we been?

Art exhibition on display at The Art Centre Kabuso January 14 - February 12 2017: