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02.06 - 28.08 Felieke van der Leest - From Spermheart to Miss Universe  

Felieke creates eye-catching jewelry composed of nobel metal, tread, plastic animals and textile techniques. Each jewlery has its own story and can be seen as sharp observations with a lot of built in humor.

This summers exhibition in Kabuso is devoted to her artwork as a whole, and presents her distinctive expression developed over the past 20 years.

Feliekes jewlery are rich in details. They are narrative jewlery that also function as miniature sculptures. Clothes and accessories gives the toy animals a new identity and human features. The jewels are first perceived as humorous, with their unexpected combinations, but in several of the jewleries you find a severe undertone. Human folly is thematized and ridiculed, and topics like war, environment and animal welfare are implied.

Felieke vand der Leest (born 1968) originates from Emmen in the Netherlands, but has lived in Øystese since 2008. She is represented in several international collections such as; the Vistoria & Albert Museum, London and Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York. She sells her jewlery in Tokyo, New York and Amsterdam.  But this summer the artist exhibits at her new residency, Øystese.

Additional pictures

  • Felieke Van Der Leest Til Kunsthuset Kabuso
  • 2016 Duo Dupli Diplo Object
  • 2012 Prairie Pioneer Detail